Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Candy Chillar

This is beginning to annoy me a great deal...

The guys who collect toll money at the Aarey Check Naka (off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East) have started dispensing candy when they are short by one rupee in change. The toll for rickshaws entering the colony is Rs. 7. So if you give the chap a tenner, you will get back a receipt with a two-rupee coin and a Parle Melody (a childhood favourite, by the way).

While this business of giving candy instead of chillar (change) is a common practice (at least) in Bombay's mom-and-pop stores, why do I feel cheated when the toll guys do it?


3 Replies:

Lobotrix said...

Hahahaha! Even here they do it. They give you chewing gum instead.

There is this scene in the movie Jayantabhai ka luv story where he falls short of two rupees when he is buying something so he gives the cashier two sweets saying, "When you do it, it's fine. So why can't I do the same."

Why don't you try this with the toll guys?

icyHighs said...

I love the Jayantabhai vignette above. And hey, toll guy gives you candy in the middle of the day? I say feel good about it.

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