Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday Trial

This is what our trains should be. EMPTY!
So, this morning, I left at 7.45 AM to drop my kid sister E to NM College for her tutorial classes farewell party which was supposed to start at  8.30 AM!!! (I've heard of after-parties that go on till the wee hours of the morning. But who the heck starts a party, even for kids, at that hour?) We took a rickshaw directly and I dropped her and her classmate there, and took the same rickshaw to Ville Parle station nearby to board a train to Goregaon towards my workplace.

As I was climbing down the stairs to the platform, I noticed a small crowd forming in the middle of the stairs. An elderly man lay flat on the floor and apparently he had had a heart attack. There were quite a few people around him trying to revive him, and honestly I don't know how I could help. So I did the best thing I could: not crowd the stairs like everyone else. I think they called the station master and all that. But he was unconscious.

While waiting for the train, a lady walked up to where we were standing and told her friend about the man. I overheard at that time that it was probably a heart attack. And that he didn't have a cell phone or any ID on him. I overheard this, so no idea how true it was. I had barely slept the night before so all this was just adding to my brain getting fried.

The train arrived and I kept thinking about the man, so I tweeted about the incident saying this had happened and for more details, people can contact the station master.

To distract myself, I started reading the entertaining WhatsApp conversation from last night with Lo... and then realised all of a sudden - since I usually board from Santacruz (and that has been a long time ago anyway) - I missed getting off at Goregaon, and ended up two stations ahead - at Kandivali - much to my horror!

This was THE peak hour!

I quickly crossed over the railway bridge hoping no TC would catch me. My train pass was only till Goregaon. And I even thought I should just go to the East and take a rickshaw. But I thought "what a waste of money!" (why doesn't this thought occur everyday when I spend so much?) and the fact that I was still quite early convinced me to get my ticket coupons (I keep a booklet with me) punched, so I could travel without any issues.

Went back to the platform for Churchgate trains. Opposite direction. Took a deep breath and then forgot to breathe seeing the first train that arrived. PACKED to the rafters and beyond!

I think I stood by and watched for a good 10 minutes... let 4-5 trains go by in the process while scratching my head wondering how do people do it! Every day!

Even the freakin' Andheri Slow was packed. People were hanging out. I was told later by the Borivali boys in my office that it starts from Virar, hence jam-packed. The First Class compartments were worse. Finally, a relatively emptier Churchgate Fast arrived from Borivali. Got in. And managed to get off at Goregaon in one piece. Phew!

Thankfully, the office bus was delayed but I would have just about made it anyway. So thank heavens I didn't spend a bomb on that part of the commute. Yes, rickshaw fares now in Mumbai make you really poor.

But yes, that  morning incident at Ville Parle station got me thinking. I need to enroll in a first aid course.


PS: Please excuse the excessive exclamation marks. Just been that kinda day!

2 Replies:

krist0ph3r said...

ah, my office sent me for a "emergency response" course. covers general safety, as opposed to just medical first aid. definitely recommend it to everyone!!!

ps: remove captchas from comments? you already have anonymous commenting disabled...

~j~ said...

Wokay! Point noted. Verification disabled. Didn't even realise there are real people reading my blog. :)

Can you let me know where I can sign up for that "emergency response" course?

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