Monday, November 03, 2014

TV Dinners

There I was, on my day off at home, switching between TV channels and came across Vh1. Some random song was playing and I wasn't even looking up from whatever I was doing. Then I heard this familiar strain and looked up and saw singer Anushka Manchanda in a video with another 'firang' guy. And soon I was actually humming a line or two. What song was this??? How the hell did I know the words? The credits that rolled at the end of the track called it 'Chase Every Dream' and it was on an album called 'TV Dinners'. Then it struck me as *that* Levi's ad and it intrigued me enough to Google it all. 

So Mikey McCleary is this music composer who has worked with really big brands like Vodafone, Levi's and more for their ad jingles. On the request of many fans, he decided to extend the jingles into full tracks. And all of them are now part of his unique debut album called 'TV Dinners'. Cool, right?

You can watch the video here for 'Chase Every Dream' featuring a host of well known faces:

And if, like me, you find this really interesting, here's the full playlist:

Happy listening!

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deeps said...

interesting and more interesting is your i love list.

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