Monday, September 26, 2011

Anyone can say Nope!

A few weeks ago, I learnt a new term thanks to @mehulved: "TIL", which was basically an abbreviation for "Today I Learnt" (shouldn't it be "Today, I learnt"? Sorry, I'm just being a Punctuation Prude with that comma! :P).

So, in that spirit, I'm going to tag all posts related to random web surfing finds as TIL. I had done a few posts like that before. Remember? One was about a brilliant video on The Girl Effect, and then another on a text word art creator Wordle, and more recently about's photo editing features.

And... TIL about this fun NO-chart you can make and it's brought to you by the good people at GOOD. Just 3 clicks are needed:
1. Upload a photograph
2. Write your own question
3. Save and share the result

<--- See what I made.
You also have the option to share your work with a public gallery or keep it only for your own reference (a link is generated). Try it out yourself by visiting Good Labs' Make Your Own No-Chart page now.

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