Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Going on a Picnik...

I've been trying some online resources for photo editing, especially since I'm Photoshop-challenged. 

One of my favourite sites is Big Huge Labs.Their tagline is simple: "Helping you do cool stuff with your digital photos since 2005. :-) Have fun with your photos!". You should try it sometime.

Another one is Picnik. I had checked it out ages ago and was very annoyed with how slow the site was. But then, I rediscovered it recently, and while there are quite a few of their features for premium users, I still think it's a good bet to do something fun with your photos. Earlier in the blog, I did try the Polaroid (in Frames) feature with a photo. This time, I tried the Sticker (speech bubble) and Text (Eat me!) features. The result? Quite nice, I thought. See:

I went to Frames and chose the simplest one after selecting the colours for the two borders. 

The downside? You need to sign up for an account and as a 'free' user, you can upload just 5 photos at a time. And you need to pay for premium features. But those reasons aside, the time taken for photos to upload is a bit much.

Have you tried Picnik.com? What's your experience like? Are there other online resources like this and BHL that cater to photo-fun?

PS: I really love Picnik's pre-loader. It's simple but so creative. The copy, that is:
Blooming blossoms | Warming breeze | Growing grass | Buttering sandwiches... and so on. Puts a smile on your face while you wait for the site to load. :)

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