Monday, September 05, 2011

Bucket list

Just realised I've never really had a bucket list. But then again, I'm not the kind to go about making and ultimately sticking to resolutions. (Horrible, I know!) It probably stems from my lack of serious ambition.

So, I thought of listing down all that I must do, experience, see, eat, drink, make, travel to before I, errr, kick the bucket...

1. Learn to code. Nothing elaborate, just one line of something. Any language. I never liked studying 'computers'; neither did I ever take up programming at any point in school or college. The only reason I did opt for the subject in school was because it was a choice between that and needlework (ugh!). Maybe I should ask Dan to help me with this. She's the smartest coder I know.

2. Travel the world. More realistically, India. Some places to explore in the immediate future include:
Old Delhi for its history. And the food.
Hyderabad for biryani.
Kolkata for Durga Pujo. Shantiniketan. Eden Gardens. Mother Teresa. Puchkas and roshogullas.
Madras. For the Chennai Open (tennis) and hopefully, watch Leander Paes-Mahesh Bhupathi win.
Wai. And Jejuri to re-live Arun Kolatkar's poetry.
Dalhousie, Darjeeling. Dharamsala to teach as a volunteer.
North East India. For Cherrapunji, Kaziranga, Shillong Chamber Choir.
Pondicherry. To feel French.
Goa. To give it another chance. For its churches and sausage-pao. (Maybe Lo and I can go here together)
Internationally: Bhutan, Turkey, Cambodia

3. Cook a proper meal. Not just a dish, but the works. Actually, signing up for cooking classes seems more doable at this stage. And maybe learn to bake a cake or something. Sheesh, I'm indecisive about this.

4. Learn to cycle and swim. Hmmm... a tad difficult as I'm too self-conscious.

Man... this is tough... I can't think beyond. I'm appalled. :(

2 Replies:

Lobotrix said...

the cooking bit is easy J... u just need to decide not to order in. simple fare. I used to hate the idea of cooking... now my Easter lunch/dinner cooking is a hit (at least with the family). Baking, though, is beyond me.

About Goa... i'm the most useless goan you've ever known... though I want to travel to Ladakh and whenever I picture the trip, I can see you and your camera there with me. :P

~j~ said...

@Lo: Useless Goenkar you are! Tsk.

I'd love to travel to Ladakh though I'm terribly unfit for that place.

And for cooking, I meant trying to learn cooking at home and doing an entire meal (mains actually). I do manage to make stuff like pasta, salads, etc. But I can never get proportions or seasoning right.

Dekhte hai.

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