Thursday, September 01, 2011


It's curtains for our August Blogging Challenge or ABC (Isn't there a Bieber song called ABC?). The idea was to get going on the blogging front on a regular basis, and I'd like to believe that having a challenge helped to a large extent. I'm quite sure I will be posting regularly even after this challenge has ended. And even more confident that Lo will not disappear from the blogosphere. She totally aced the challenge, no?

To the tiny number of my blog readers, first of all... SORRY for the sometimes random posts when I was bereft of ideas. I tried to cheat a little by posting photos, YouTube videos, writing about my frustrations, and just about anything that caught my fancy. 

Second, if you're still reading my blog, THANK YOU. Your encouragement and support mean a lot. Special thanks to DeeSeelicious who enquired one morning on Twitter about any new posts. It didn't really hit me till then that there were actually a few people (other than myself) reading my stuff. Also, @DanielDmello who silently 'liked' some posts in his Google Reader. In case you still want to go through my 31 posts, click here. Feedback will still be appreciated. 

What's next? Well, I hope to do as much "writing" as possible. Will definitely aim at doing atleast a hundred words per post with more meaningful content. 

I'm definitely going to continue my Rick-rolled series. So many rikshaws and their awesomeness still waiting to be discovered :).

Work has kept me busy and will continue to be that way for a while, but I know I can make time for a blog post once in a while. Some of the blog ideas came from what started as tweets. I stopped before hitting 'send' and gave the thought a better chance of finding expression. I mean, look at the post on the Mohammad Ali Road feast. A few tweets about that would've been lost in the vast black hole called the Internet. Here, I wrote a little about the experience, ensured the photos went with it, and now I can relive those moments anytime I want. Also, I'm tweeting less which has really helped in some ways.

To cut a long story short, I'm happy with my ABC experience. And hope to make this blog better as we go along. Here's some pointless trivia: The year 2005, when I started blogging, saw 21 posts in all - 10 less than the number of posts in August 2011 alone. :)


PS: Di, I hope you find the inspiration soon to get on track with your blog.

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